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Carina was going to try and pretend the strange lady wasn’t there out of fear. Though Skrits was curious about the strange Lady, and he came out of his hiding place towards the woman.

(( I rp with all fandoms ))

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Carina’s bad people.
Organization name: B.O.T.P.W.S.G. Buyers of treasured people with special gifts.
That’s all I can think of for name wise.

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Carina understood that friends fought. She seen her parents and friends fight well she had seen it. “Why did you and your friend fight?” Carina paused a moment before trying to explain the bad people. “The bad people just hurt everyone, and try and make you do something that…

"Oh, Skrits is my best friend…" Just as Carina was speaking a tiny bot that looked almost as if he was made from a cell phone peeked out from where he had been hiding in one of Carina’s pocket on the sweater Carina had been given by a nice person. "I dunno where the bad people are. Been hiding from them…"